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If you continue to browse and use this website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy governs KiaKia's relationship with you. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. It is the responsibility of the user to read the sections below and to ensure that they fully understand the conditions, and by no means will KiaKia or any representative of KiaKia be held accountable for failure by a user to do so. If you have queries or you are unsure of the content, please feel free to contact us before you commence any activity on the website. Also note that accessing each product adds further unique terms and conditions that impacts your relationship with KiaKia. KiaKia promotes responsible borrowing and lending, please DO NOT expose yourself to credit if you know you cannot afford it.
How do I register/create a borrower account?
You can create a borrower account by selecting the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button on Mr.K's menu, then answering the next few questions that follow to validate your identity, and other personal and employment information.
Does Kiakia have an app?
No, Kiakia currently does not have a borrower app at the moment. We deploy all borrowing services through our mobile/PC web platforms for customer engagement and use, to enable users with utility phones access ALL our services.
How do I get a loan?
To apply for or make a loan request, simply click the "GET A LOAN" button from the home page and engage Mr. K in the conversation and answer all the relevant questions. It is that simple.
How long does it take to review a loan?
The loan review process is completed within a few minutes of successfully submitting a Kiakia loan application.
What are the loan requirements?
To successfully submit a loan application, you have to fulfill the following requirements -
  1. An applicant must be resident in Nigeria
  2. An applicant must be above 21 years of age
  3. An applicant must possess a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and be an account holder with any of the mainstream commercial banks in Nigeria.
  4. An applicant must have evidence of verified source(s) of income (employed in the public/private sector or runs his/her own business)
  5. An applicant must provide a valid means of Identification (Work ID for employed applicant, and Government-issued ID for self-employed) applicant
  6. An applicant must provide proof of income (sms or email screenshots of monthly income alerts or electronic bank statement (in Pdf format) for the 6 most recent months)
  7. Alternatively, an applicant can authorize KiaKia to view his/her bank transactions by connecting his/her bank account to the Mr. K software ONLY for the purpose of obtaining bank transaction details.
What is the loan application process?
To successfully submit a loan application, this is how you have to go about it -
  1. Create an account by providing all required details
  2. Start an application chat
  3. Upload work ID or government-issued ID
  4. Enter the desired loan amount
  5. Select duration/tenure
  6. Upload Screenshot of SMS alerts or PDF statement of your last 3 salaries or Business income
  7. Accept loan terms and conditions (IF APPROVED)
  8. Authenticate your submitted bank accounts
  9. Get credited
What are the maximum and minimum amounts I can apply for?
The maximum and minimum amounts that can be accessed at any time depends on the applicant's income level, employment type and loan request.
What are the types of loans you give?
We currently grant quick short term business and personal loans.
What is the loan tenure?
Our maximum loan tenure for first-time borrowers is 30 days. However, loan tenures can be increased based on your credit score and trust points to a maximum of 18 months.
How much can I apply for?
You know your earnings more than we do. So, take your income and expenditure into consideration before applying for any amount. We don't want to constrain you by an amount and we also do not want to indulge you in reckless borrowing. Borrowed money should go into meeting your needs. Apply for an amount based on what your fixed or business income can conveniently repay.
What is a loan offer?
A loan offer is an estimate of the loan funds Mr.K can grant you based on your credit-worthiness. Mr.K makes you that offer with the understanding that you can easily and conveniently repay that amount within the stipulated tenure. You reserve the right to accept or reject a loan offer if it does not meet your financial needs.
Can I get a loan from anywhere in Nigeria?
Yes, please. We are everywhere there is internet access and the law of Nigeria governs.
Do you give loans to students?
Mr.K does not grant Students loan at this time. Sorry about that.
Why do you need my BVN?
We need your BVN (Bank Verification Number) to establish your identity within the financial system and to furnish us with enough data/information about you to act on in the event of a breach of contract. Your BVN (bank verification number) is 100% safe with Kiakia. It is important to note that the BVN is a unique identification number for authenticating your identity and securing against fraud within the Nigerian financial system. It also makes it impossible for anyone to steal your identity or use it for any illicit purposes.
Mr K said I did not meet the loan requirement. What does that mean?
Every loan requirement is an integral prerequisite in our loan application process. They were coined to foster quality service and mutual benefit for Kiakia and its applicants. We are sorry that you cannot meet a requirement at this time. Kindly exercise patience until a time when you can meet this requirement to try again.
Why was my loan declined?
The reasons for a loan application decline vary from application to application, and this is always contained in the loan decline email and SMS automatically communicated to the applicant when this happens. Please refer to your E-mail and SMS.
My loan is not disbursed despite approval
This may be resulting from an array of reasons such as the bank authorization process not being completed or an applicant failing to sign the loan agreement. It is only when all the processes listed are completed that your loan funds may be disbursed. Feel free to contact the support helpline to inquire about the status of your application.
What next after account authorization?
Kindly confirm that the activation is completed via an email from Remita informing you of the activation. Also, ensure that your loan agreement has been signed. If both are confirmed, await disbursement.
How do I authorize bank?
To authorize your bank, select the 'AUTHORIZE BANK ACCOUNT' option from Mr.K's menu options and follow the prompt.
How to repay a loan?
To repay a loan select the 'REPAY A LOAN' option on Mr.K's menu and select any of the following options -
  1. Bank Transfer to Kiakia Bits Limited
    • 0025273484 | Guaranty Trust Bank
    • 1016013383 | Zenith Bank Plc
  2. Card Payment
  3. Monnify - BANK TRANSFER TO YOUR UNIQUE ACCOUNT (Via Monnify unique account)
What is Direct Debit?
This is an instruction given to your bank to pay funds to a third party (in this case Remita), at a fixed amount, and on an agreed date.
Is Kiakia reliable?
Kiakia is a licensed personal and business loan provider entirely online. We enable and process loan applications in real-time by chatting with Mr.K, our versatile online loan agent. Mr.K (Kiakia) is fast and reliable.
Is KiaKia a bank?
No, Kiakia is not a bank. We do not receive deposits from the general public nor do we offer savings or current accounts. Online lending is a service provided by Kiakia Bits Ltd (RC. 799552), a lender regulated by the Lender's ACT. Even though we offer a service that is 100% online, you can still reach us whenever you need via Mr.K's contact form, our customer support helplines (08092245588, 09055111140, 08093078377, 09034425508 and 08078443174) or any of our social media handles.
Does KiaKia have an office that I can visit?
Yes, we do. Our business premise is at Plot 395A Etang Obuli Crescent, off Idris Ibrahim Crescent, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Jabi, Abuja. You could visit us if you wish. Official business hours are from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. But all our online services can be accessed and issues attended to anytime and any day of the week.
How to update bank account details?
Please send a mail to requesting for an account update, and it would be updated for you. Please ensure to state the new account details and the reason for the change request in your mail.
How to delete my account?
To deactivate an account, please send a mail to requesting for the deactivation of your account. But why would you?
What is a Low Credit score?
A low credit score indicates that an applicant did not pass the minimum administrative review threshold required to access a Kiakia loan. This may be arising from a few factors including – current income level, the current level of indebtedness and other employment details of the applicant.
What are the trust points?
Trust points are credibility rewards for responsibly using Kiakia financial credits. You build a solid trust point when you responsibly and ethically use Kiakia service and make prompt and timely repayment of your loan. Kiakia rewards financially responsible borrowers in many ways. One of such rewards is giving you bigger loans at a lower interest rate and for longer periods.
Why was I suspended?
Kiakia grants each Visitor a limited, revocable license to use this website subject to the Terms. You were suspended because you violated one or more of Kiakia Terms of Usage. For further assistance on this please send a mail to or contact any of our customer support helplines: 08092245588, 09055111140, 08093078377, 09034425508 and 08078443174.
Why was I debited?
Please send a mail to regarding the debit and this matter would be resolved for you. Please ensure to attach evidence of the debit made in your email. Rest assured that if any excess funds are debited from your account, they would be reversed.
Can I edit my profile?
Yes please, you may edit your profile information by selecting the 'SELF-SERVICE' option on Mr.K’s menu, then selecting the 'VIEW OR EDIT PROFILE' on the resulting menu. However, be informed that certain information such as your name, your account details and BVN cannot be edited by you. If you have a genuine basis to change any of these, send an email to stating the changes you would like to make, and the reason for the request. The changes would be effected for you.
Do you fund startups?
At the moment, we only grant loans to existing businesses with cash flow working capital. Why not explore raising funds from family and friends to start-up your business. It is not advisable to use loans to set up a business.
Does Kiakia give loan to foreigners?
At the moment, only residents of Nigeria can access personal and business loans on our service. Lending is open to foreigners resident in any part of the world who can provide funds in the local currency. We are working on making it possible for lenders to fund and receive interest on funded loans in their local currency.
Didn't receive a mail
If an expected e-mail notification fails to deliver, it is either the wrong e-mail was entered, it is in your mailbox spam folder or your internet network is poor. If you are convinced this is not the case, contact support for further assistance.
I have upload difficulties
Mr.K will always indicate the reason for the upload failure if you pay close attention. Kindly check to ensure that the screenshot(s) fit the acceptable formats (PNG, JPEG) and acceptable size (less than 250KB). For PDF accounts statements, ensure that the document is not more than 750kb in size. It is also important that you have a strong internet connection.

What is Peer-2-Peer?
The KiaKia Peer-to-Peer App is a platform where ordinary individuals above 18 years of age with legitimate means of income can fund secured and unsecured loans originated and booked by KiaKia platform and earn monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual interest rates on the funds.
With peer-to-peer loans, we match our most credible and qualified customers with individuals who are able to offer them loans at very affordable rates. Through our peer-to-peer marketplace, lenders have the flexibility of choosing very fantastic lending rates to earn good returns.
How does it work?
We keep things really simple around here, and so will the answers. KiaKia is a licensed lender which gives out loans secured and unsecured loans to carefully selected individuals and businesses across Nigeria.
We are committed to being the Nigeria's safest and most liquid peer-to-peer platform (perhaps that’s why we’re also the best according to IFINCA)
Why Should I use it?
You are not obligated to use it. It is for people seeking credible, safe and decent income on their funds instead of keeping it idle. Lenders have been privately funding loans on our platform for over 4 years with no single loss of funds. However, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
Can I get a loan using this App?
No, you cannot. This App is for individuals who want to fund loans and earn interests as income from loans originating from KiaKia.
Is it a savings app? Can it be used to make payments?
KiaKia P2P is not a savings nor money deposit service for keeping part of your income. There are credible banks and other companies with fantastic savings services in the Appstore. KiaKia P2P does not accept nor keep deposits.
KiaKia P2P is not a payment processing service for settling subscription bills like cable tv, electricity bills or virtual call cards.
How do I fund a loan?
You can fund a loan by using a valid debit card in your name or via a bank transfer (Details available at point of funding).
Can I fund multiple loans across multiple sectors/industries?
Yes, you can fund as many as your legitimate income can afford. The maximum tenure is 18 months.
How do I get my interest/capital when the loan(s) I funded matures?
Interests are paid based on the investment structure selected. Quarterly, Bi-annual and Annual interest payment structures are available.
Capital is deposited immediately into account number provided at the maturation of the loan tenure, with a maximum of 7 days delay. As it is not a deposit and withdrawal service, funder does not need to make any request for withdrawal. Funds are automatically deposited in account at the maturation of loan.
I saw "Halal" as a lending option. What does that mean?
Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. Our Halal investment option adheres to the Islamic principles governing non-interest funding. Under this arrangement, KiaKia gives funds to businesses for the purpose of profit sharing rather than interest payment according to the Islamic principle of non-interest finance. It is optional.
Safeguarding your investment
We take constant cognisance that we are looking after your money and only invest in loans and fund businesses that will benefit both borrowers and investors. Our experience of lending helps to ensure that KiaKia's portfolio of loans perform well. We take the security of the loans we issue very seriously.
While your investment is matched to a business, your investment benefits from the scale and stability of our overall large porfolio.
It is noteworthy that no single lender/investor has lost a kobo in the last 3 years.
However, this is not a guarantee for the future and your capital, interest and profit are at risk if the safety funds is depleted.
Safety fund
As is the practice, people who take out a loan pay interest on the money that they have borrowed. At KiaKia, part of the interest/profit shared goes to you, the investor/lender, while another part goes directly into the safety fund.
The safety fund grows along with the portfolio size and repayments made by borrowers. The money that is in the safety fund is buffer to protect your investment. It does this by automatically reimbursing you if a borrower's payment is missed.
Interest rates range from as low as 12% and as high as 40% based on 6 to 18 months tenure. There a 4 interest and profit pay out options raging from quarterly, Bi-annual, annual and 18 months.
Users do not need to make requests for withdrawal as interest payments and capital is automatically credited to account details in profile. This is also an added security layer.
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Call +23419125176.

At KiaKia, we understand the terrain, versatility and socio-cultural dynamics of the average Nigerian MSME. We leverage careful research and experience by our very agile and young workforce, enabling us to operate with speed, enhanced decision-making process and providing critically needed credit at the right offer and timing.